Why screamers are scary. Why I stopped fearing them.

A screamer is typically a flash webpage with the only purpose being to scare you. 

It usually comes with high pitched sound and a very scary moving image. 



screamer maze

So as you may have noticed from the last one it really got famous with was the maze game. 

screamer maze

It just happened over a night. Viral!

I have to admit that in the beginning it was really making my heart bounce like crazy.

But after a while I realized that the new generations manage to really don't give a damn.

I mean seriously. It's total apathy for me now. 
srlsy you guys

So my theory comes in two parts. 

The first part is that we learned to expect it now. I mean when you see a suspicious link especially ending in .swf you kinda wait for the screamer to pop up. So even if you click it, you know what is coming to you.

The second part is mostly psychology. We have become so apathetic that even something that is designed to scare a human being doesn't affect. 

Something I like to call "The origin of the digital species"!

origin of species

Human beings evolve and become day by day more of a machine than a human. Singularity is something that is getting closer. 


Let's not go in to conspiracy stuff. I just say we slowly go to the digital evolving of our species. Perhaps we will turn out like the bald guys in Fringe?

fringe observer

Who knows? But we are definitely evolving that is for sure.

One thing though. I believe we need ALOT of time to achieve full apathy. 

I can convince you. There is one web comic that will scare you really really bad. 

I'm gonna put the link here but I would't recommend clicking on it, since it really is scary.

That is all about the screamers. They come and go and one day they will be completely gone. Because now we are prepared. 

fringe observer

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