Robocop Reboot. So how was it really?

You may have probably read the first article about Robocop and how furious and crazy I was about the Robocop reboot.

Eventually I had to see that so called "Robocop" just to be able to be fair and not just go around cursing and judging about how bad that movie is without actually seeing it.

robocop 2014 wallpaper

So why won't you go ahead and read summarily the first Robocop post and then we go ahead with what I actually saw.

OK. So we move along. First off. I do not regret anything. The movie is not terrible and easy to watch but that does not mean you can go on ahead and reboot my childhood.


So the whole movie has a different origin story. Robocop actually has rights upon himself. Which is very strange. Because in the first Robocop movie, Robocop is truly a machine. None doubts that. He is more a machine than any other thing. Well in the reboot they want to show a more human side of Robocop. 

robocop 2014 without suit
Probably the best scene in the movie.

Only when he is in combat the machine takes over.

robocop 2014 gif

This movie has a lot of sensitivity around human rights. Which I guess it's fine when it comes to 2014 but it is rather irrelevant to the the Robocop franchise. 

Let's move on.

You have Gary Oldman playing the scientist. As always they guy is completely amazing so he is holding up the movie a bit.

Gary Oldman as Dr Dennett Norton RoboCop 2014

Then you have Michael Keaton. Poor guy has gone old... But still he is nice. 

Michael Keaton as Raymond sellars RoboCop 2014

Even Joel Kinnaman, whom I have said he is a disaster, is actually not terrible for a robot. 

Joel kinnaman as  RoboCop 2014

That as far as the cast. Because other than that the cast is nothing special. 

So the story is rather vague because of one big problem. A Robocop movie without gore. Which is crazy. Because Robocop means gore in the 80s. You don't get to see a tiny drip of blood. Which unintentionally harms the general feeling of the movie. People are not actual villains. They are corporate villains who pretty much care about the human but are afraid of bad publicity.   

That makes hard to spot the bad guys. Is there a bad guy in the movie? I say there isn't. There are just many bad decisions. But not a bad person. Except for the Valon guy. But then again. He is obvious. And completely unimportant to the scenario. At least in the old movies the bad guy actually had something to do with the evil mastermind.  Now he is simply irrelevant. And he has FEELINGS about killing a cop! Seriously? FEELINGS? You are a villain FFS! Please go watch the movie and tell me. Did you find someone to be a bad guy? An actual crazy bad guy?

Like this crazy motherfucker for instance?

clarence boddicker robocop bad guy

Anyway. In conclusion. It wasn't terrible. It had some nice action and it had it's moments. It kinda looked like Metal Gear Solid 4 in the beginning but that is only a pro if you ask me. Was it worth judging it so badly? 

In my opinion yes. It was a reboot. I hate reboots. Go ahead and think an original scenario. 

If you can't do that, then please at least do not reboot my Childhood. OK??

fuck off gif


But really no. It was a fine 2 hour watch. A typical action movie. So if you think about it like that it's cool.

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