Band of Brothers. The war masterpiece.


Now Band of Brothers is a  mini-series you need to watch no matter what.

Whether you are fond of war (whatever that means) and war movies in general or not at all.


Personally I find everything around the WWII history fascinating. It truly is a big turning point in the global history. It's also not far away if you think about it. Not even 70 years has passed. 


There are people who fought for this war that are still alive.


So what is so special about this war mini-series? You could tell me there are tons of WWII movies around the corner. Such as Saving Private Ryan. Which truly was a really good movie. 



Is Band of Brothers better? 


Oh yeah baby. I mean it's a whole new dimension. 

You know something else that is great? I couldn't possibly spoil it for you. Unless you are not aware of WWII history.

And even if you are not an expert (which I am not either, just an enthusiast) I won't go so deep in this article. I only wish to share some great moments I had watching the Band of Brothers and try to convince you to watch it too. 

So what is really great about it? 

First of. It's a mini-series. Its 10 hours long. Even that is enough for you to understand that it can go much more in depth than any other movie possible. Movies simply can't go any deeper. 

Well, maybe perhaps one.


So the series follows the lives and the events that the U.S. paratroopers gone under from the beginning of their training, until eventually the war ends (spoiler alert: The Germans lose).


The series starts at Currahee. A training camp in Georgia U.S. where paratroopers are being trained.  There you will meet most of the people you are going to follow throughout the war. 

yep thats Ross!

 You might not get all crazy about it from the first episode. 

It's only natural to be honest. It only sets out the mood of what you are going to see. So then again the chronicle around the series is following the 101st airborne division and mostly but not only, Easy company. 



The second episode after is pure war. It starts with D-day. The day of the days. The day where the U.S. troops set foot on European ground. 


But the paratroopers weren't on the beach the infantry where Tom Hanks lands. Meaning Omaha beach. I know. We all know these horrible scenes stuck in our minds in saving private Ryan.


No the paratroopers didn't had to deal with heavy enemy forces in front of them. They had to deal with heavy enemy forces surrounding them. Because they fell right in to the enemy grounds. Out of a god damn airplane!



Generally what the paratroopers are dealing with in the war is the worst situation possible. After all they were the elite special forces. Those 18 year old kids. 

You will go through tremendous despair across the series. You will see people dying easier than George RR Martin's characters. Plus they actually did die. A lot of them throughout the war. 

You will bond with the characters. You will love and cry about and with the characters. You will hate the Nazis more than you thought you could possibly hate and then you will realize that the soldiers are the same no matter who they fight for. They are young kids trying to defend their country. 



Politics is a completely other thing. People living in the cities are the one who gets it though. The everyday people. 

Every aspect of the Band of Brothers is perfect. Then again it's HBO. That is true. The actors are spectacular, the settings, photography and the script. Anything. Trust me on that. There is nothing you will not cherish after watching this show. I've seen it in a day once. And I've seen it so far about 10 times. It never gets old.

What I'm suggesting is that if you like WWII related topics go watch it right now. If you don't then please trust me. I know people who didn't want to watch it. 

Eventually I convinced them and they fell in love with it. 

Go ahead and tell me how you felt about it after watching it please.

One more thing. Is this an American patriotic movie? Well yes it is. Is it annoying. No. Not at all. Please do not see this as a propaganda film. Watch if for the characters. For what they were gone through. 

So... Are you silver?

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