All the 300: Rise of an empire historical mistakes [Spoilers]

let me just clarify this. It doesn't matter. It's a movie. 

300 rise of an empire

You need to make mistakes and alter the truth. 

So I don't feel offended by it. In fact if you feel offended you are an idiot. An r-tard even!

r tard south park

Because that is how the movie sector works. It's fiction. 

If you don't like that, go watch a documentary. Which is still fiction. But still. Anyway. 

south park history channel

Be aware. Spoilers begin here. 

Let us have a look at the list! 

And let's rate if its actually worth manipulating history in order to create something more Hollywood-ish. 


King Darius was not injured in the Marathon battle. In fact he wasn't even there. Neither, Xerxes. Darius died of a month long disease. Hmm, that sounds familiar way of a non glorious death... 

drogo death

drogo death


The numerical difference. It's supposed to be 50 Greek ships against a thousand (1000) Persian ships in the movie. Which is totally wrong. There were around 1207 Persian ships while the Greeks had 271 in Artemisium. On Salamis the Greeks had 366 or 378 ships and the Persians had around 1000 to 1300 ships. The number varies. Thank you primarily Herodotus and Xenophon. 




Themistocles was but one of the 10 generals in Marathon but the general in command was Miltiades. He was the almighty general. Miltiades is the master and creator of flanking. He is one of the greatest strategic minds ever existed on this planet. Nonetheless Themistocles was really important too. 

miltiades you shall not pass
Miltiades. He is like "You shall not pass bitch!"
marathon battle


King Darius left Xerxes one order before his death. To avenge the Athenians and the rest of the Greeks for the disgrace they inflicted to the almighty Persian empire. While on the movie it's the complete opposite. Darius suggests Xerxes to stay away from the Greeks. I mean come on! I know it's cool to be afraid the small but that's ridiculous. 



Artemisia was the daughter of Lygdamis, a Satrap. She later became the queen of Halicarnassus. The movie talks about her being raped by Greeks and being found by the Persians and raised. 


This is just a cool backstory of bullshit. Furthermore she wasn't the ultimate leader of the Persians and above Xerxes. She was one of the important people but not an admiral of the entire fleet. 


We are not sure that the Persians under Xerxes actually used Elephants. None of the historians mentions such a thing. 

actual footage from marathon battle


The movie has Themistocles being presented as the ultimate leader of the naval forces. He wasn't the admiral in command though. He was one of the leaders mainly because Athens had the best and biggest fleet in the known world at the time. Evriviades was the commander (Spartan by the way) of the fleet even though Spartans only had 10 ships in Artemisium and 16 in Salamis. 

Spartans ladies and gentlemen


Athens is presented wrongly. One of the main inaccuracies is the destruction of Athens by the Persians which shows a total slaughter and raping fest. Truth is that the Athenians had most of the citizens transferred to nearby islands and only had left behind people who were unable to move. 

athens destruction


Here's something strange. Greek ships are being presented without sails in the movie. Like huge boats. 

300 rise of an empire ships
300 rise of an empire ships

Thing is that the Athenian ship, the Trireme is one of the most effective ships in naval history. 


Yes they had sails. Not all times, but they did had.


Themistocles could not possibly see Artemisia and meet her. There is no way he could go through the whole Persian army to fuck Artemisia. Even though I realize why he would want to do it! 

eva green gif

eva green hot

eva green hot

eva green hot gif

There is no historical evidence to prove any kind of romance between them. 


Artemisia did not die in the battle of Salamis. Instead she allegedly lived to fall in love with a guy who didn't loved her. She then out of rage took his eyes off. Later she fell way more deeply in love with the guy until a clairvoyant suggested she should jump of a cliff. 

eva green


Spartans and Peloponnese in general were present in the battle all along. They did not show up to save the day. Plus we must say one thing here. Athenians were GODS in the naval art. None could beat them. NONE. 


There were no explosions in the fight. That only makes sense since the only weapon capable to create an explosion was the Greek fire which was used in the Byzantium. 

greek fire

Until then the best thing they had was some kind of useless flamethrower. 


Queen Gorgo (Cersei Lannister) did not participate in any fight. OK i know vengeance seems cool but this did not happen. 

queen gorgo

Historical accuracy is not the reason I was going to see a movie for anyway! By the way. Xerxes did chopped Leonidas head off.  dayym.

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