Ambush marketing is here to stay

It began somewhat differently and evolved. We used to call it celebrity endorsement. 

A celebrity would wear a product and the product would become famous.

Yeah right... I'm convinced...
michael phelps subway

Ethos as I've mentioned before.

Thing is the way they did it was outdated.

paris hilton burger ad

Yeah now I'm totally convinced...

Not that it stopped.

But now you don't want your favorite brand to be so mainstream.

You wanted it to be more meta. More Hipster perhaps?

So came the London Olympics and the classic sponsors were there.

london 2012 olympic sponsors

By the way the P&G ad was really emotional.

Incredible. Let’s move on.

One of my favorite sports to watch during the Olympics is swimming and it also begins first.

So I see athletes and Phelps step in to the pool with headphones. Specifically beats by Dre.

beats by dre olympics

beats by dre olympics

Did he pay for a sponsorship? Nope. Nothing. Well he did payed the athletes. 

OK. And made millions! 
beats by dre money

The move was brilliant.

And now of course its spreads everywhere.

Samsung did it

samsung logo png

Before the ad there was a media buzz all around about the black hooded people. 

samsung ambient ad

samsung messi g11

Well now I believe that this was obviously a campaign and you knew about it all along. But. It was a big buzz.

And while you were expecting for the consumer to feel deceived, he actually feels happy to see something as clever as that.

Thus triggering his wallet. 

I believe ambush marketing is here to stay.

And I actually believe that in a while there won't even be a need for celebrities. The consumers will be doing it for the brand.

People love that. OK, maybe not all people but plenty for sure.

Personally I would love to be surprised be a brand.

If they manage to surprise me they might get me to trial the product. And of course if the 
product is good then it will get me.

A clever fresh way of advertising worth pay attention to.

porky pig piggy thats all folks

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