A leap of faith inside assassin's creed!

Is assassin's creed one of the best video games? 

Yep. Probably.

Let us take a look back to where it started.

It was the year 2008. 

year 2008 glasses

I was done with school and was on my second year in college. WOOHOO!

american college of greece

What do i recall from this year?

A lot that is for sure!

And assassins creed is definitely one of them.

assassins creed altair

I found out about it from "the John of truth".

We called him that way because he was lying all the time.

He wasn't completely lying for assassins though. He told me it was the best game he ever played.

wow logo

So it was hard to actually take interest for another game.

Thank god it was the age that the internet started being fast and I had my torrents.

torrent logo

So I start downloading the game and in just a matter of few days I had it. The internet speed got better after a while. 

I really wanted to buy it, but I had no money at all at the time. I mean, College.

So I start the game. OK the graphics and the atmospheric scenery were amazing. It was the time that graphics were evolving rapidly. 

It was astonishing.

So I start finding about about the hidden blade and the leap of faith move and I really get crazed about the game.

I mean after the Lightsaber it's probably in my top 50 list of most awesome weapons of all the fucking time.

hidden blade mechanism

Then I realized I am not Altaïr, but Desmond Miles and some Templars are trying to exploit my freaking mind to extract information or something!

The script was AMAZING! ORIGINAL!

The gameplay at the time was something only grand theft auto had achieved. Sandbox.

grand theft auto vice city

Free roamingfree running in the crusades era. 

What more could a nerd ask for?

nerdgasm words

The game was epic. Well at least for the first part of the story.

Unfortunately then it became a boring repeating pattern.

And a few hours after I uninstalled it.

But I did loved the game.

And I was hoping to meet an assassins creed which would be able to give me what I'm looking for. A better gameplay with structured script on the missions. Something more than search, kill, hide.

And then I met Ezio Auditore. A bastard with the first look on him.

assassins creed II ezio

Eventually on of my 100 favorite characters of all times.

Ill talk just a bit about the Ezio trilogy, because you really need to live it to understand.

Assassins creed 2 is where the magic begins.

Inside and outside the animus


First of you've got 2 hidden blades.

ezio two hidden blades

Yep. TWO! What else could you ask for? 

You've got Leonardo da Vinci creating your gadgets!!!! 

Assassins creed leonardo da vinci

All James Bond had was a lousy  Q. 

James bond gadget Q

So Ezio leads us in to a trilogy with a very big timeline and  in to many many cities. If you consider yourself a gamer you need to play the trilogy.

desmond holiday

If I was a dictator I would had it on the courses curriculum

Can you imagine killing Nazis? It's the dream!

Meanwhile outside the animus its a fucking mess!

Desmond tries to escape from the Templars and joins the assassins, finds out about his father and all is fucked up.

It really is amazing, having 2 scenarios. The online and the offline.

So let us go to Assassins Creed 3. 

assassins creed III

I really waited for this game to come out.

I even knew what it was about.

I knew it was about the American independence and everyone I've talked to that time did not liked the theme because they said it was going to be cliche. 

I was expecting this game like a crazy cat lady even if he was holding an axe. I'm going to spoil the story a little bit here but i really love it. You've probably played it to be honest. If you haven't you should have stopped reading a long time ago.

So i get the game. And I start with Desmond and its like a totally fucked up situation going on!

Templars chasing Desmond's team and the future of the world is one man's hands. To be honest I think this must be the first off animus story that really is as good as the one inside the animus.

So we start of with Haytham in London and we go for an assassination.Classic.

Haytham Kenway

He wasn't wearing an assassin's suit so I got slightly suspicious. I didn't want to believe it though. 

Quickly without messing up the story (If you really dont want a spoiler go like 5 likes down!) he goes to America, kills a bunch of people and at some point I find out he is a TEMPLAR!!

HAYTHAM!!!! HAYTHAM is a templar!  So i went to the bathroom and scratched of all of my skin.  

I got sick. I had betrayed the clan. I had betrayed the assassins. Anyway he has sex with an Indian woman which he fell in love with. And the he goes away. Woot.

The Indian woman gets pregnant and gives birth to Ratonhnhaké:ton. Our Assassin!

assassins creed 3 Ratonhnhaké:ton

So I could finally avenge that son of a bitch Haytham. And piss on his fathers grave because he was an asshole too.

So you watch Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor) growing up in to a young boy, until the Templars return and figuratively kill the whole tribe. So the he kinda has to avenge them.

Cliche? Totally. Still it's pretty awesome!

Those who know a bit about the recent American history will be able to meet tons of "celebrities" in the game and many important events. I will only bring out one quest. You get to participate in the Boston Tea Party!!

One tiny thing here. Boston is amazing from the rooftops!

assassins creed 3 boston

I really don't want to spoil the on animus story anymore. It really is amazing. 

I recently completed it again.

So outside the animus there is one thing I wasn't expecting. I really loved Desmond. He saved us from the 21st of December destruction of the fucking world! I know! I know! Cliche! I do not care! It was amazing!

And now we go to EdwardEdward Kenway the pirate. 

assassins creed IV black flag

So I say. OK. Ubisoft got me the last time.

He cant possibly be a Templar this time too.

And he really isn't. 

He is a hillbilly from Swansea,Whales...

Swansea assassins creed

He just happens to find an injured assassin and wear his costume.

So OK. The script is not going for an Oscar.


Until the next one comes out that is. So lets go back to the story. OK. its rather bad. 

Doesn't mean its awful though. But since it is kinda recent I wouldn't want to spoil it.

I'll talk in general. Amazing images.

Free roaming is mathematical.

adventure time mathematical

 Endless sea and pirate plunder everywhere.

pirate plunder

Majestic imagery. You really can do whatever you like.

So I never played the mini missions at any of the previous assassins creed games. Anything outside the main story line was off limits to me. Now I just do any possible side mission I can find.

I've already finished it twice. I play it even now to do ALL the quests. I really had such a great time with this game.

Crazy plot twists and you get to meet amazing people again! 

You get the meet Blackbeard! 


The game outside the animus unfortunately sucks. It really is a pity. And I really hope its  building something big for the next one.

I love assassins creed

assassins creed compilation

Oh and here you can see my personal recent addition to the family! A cute Ezio!

got a cute little assassins creed Ezio figure

Requiescat in pace.

assassins creed Requiescat in pace

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