The Walking Dead

So that show has one of the most famous genre as a theme.

michael jackson zombie

Zombies are so mainstream nowadays that its almost annoying for us true elitist geeks that snobs anyone who hasn't read the original comic or the original book etc.

Even the ads about the Walking dead were amazing!

There was one little problem though.

The show sucked a bit. 

The first season simply lacked something to keep you with it.

What was that?

I really cant say for sure but in the middle of the second season, the walking dead succeeded it. My opinion is this.

In order to succeed you need to be intriguing! 

I mean like fucking soap opera intriguing!

Even if the whole damn world is gone! Especially when the whole fucking world is gone!

If your best friend is fucking your wife while you are killing zombies then the audience is stunned. THAT is the stunning point.


What does a poor geek expect from a good show?

The bold and the restless, with way better production and better storyline. Yep. That is pretty much it.

But it needs to be intriguing.

So when people complain that zombies are on the guest stars these days, the answer is only one.

It's intriguing

It's INTENDED to be like this!

Simple as that. That is also why the market changed.

We went from cinema to TV and series.

Why? Because you make more money by keeping a viewer for about 5 years with probably less money (in an analogy) than a movie requires.

And of course because the viewer binds with the characters and the plot.

Plus it costs much less to throw a show at the garbage bin after a few episodes.


So of course you get much more profit out of it. 

Yet again thousand of series try to succeed and flop.

So is it only a matter of a quality show then? Well, 80% yes.

But luck has a tiny bit of role there too.

The thing is that my life revolves around Rick's life in every episode and I even get emotional and live the drama those people are living. 

Yes, the actors. I know they are actors. But there are few seconds that I just let go. And they are great.

dont dead open inside

Every character is important. And they die fast...

the dead walking dead

Hail the Governor!

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