A cheat guide to mount and blade warband (cheats and more)

I know people who play many different "not so mainstream" video games around. 


Games such as Minecraft, the 2 billion dollars game that looks like it came out from the 90s. 


Well I kinda have a guilty pleasure like that myself. I love playing Mount and Blade Warband. 


A game that really isn't as cool and awesome as others. Basically it's such a sandbox game that I love it. I also heard that recently it's a trend on steam too.


What I love is that you get to create a character, gather an army and just march around the world killing. That's all. there are some useless quests too, but I never bothered doing them.

What's amazing about it is that you can literally use any cheat you like (cause if you don't it's hard as shit) to gain whatever it is you like. Oh yes. Mount & blade Warband is truly a paradise for my Sundays. I just go outside with my huge army and kill. Or even with my elite team!


Which brings me to the cheats issue. You can use cheats pretty easily and there are 2 ways. It's what I call "soft" cheat and "hard" cheat. "Soft" cheat is when you only push buttons inside the game and "hard" cheat is when you play with the settings. So Anyway. Here are all the cheats. Let's begin with the soft skills first.

Cheat List for Mount and blade Warband:

Use the following cheat codes
First you will have to enable cheats in the Config menu like this.
In the inventory it gives you 1,000 Gold - CTRL + X
Ctrl+Alt+F4 - Knock out enemy troops (it's awesome when it comes to huge battles)
Full Health - CTRL + H
Knock out all of your troops - CTRL + SHIFT + F6
Knock out one of your troops - CTRL + F6
1,000 Experience Point Bonus - CTRL + X
Add 10 points to weapon proficiency - CTRL + W
AI Fights For You - CTRL + F5
Kill Enemy Automatically - CTRL + F4
See All Parties - CTRL + T
Slow Motion - CTRL + F9
Teleport Party to Cursor - CTRL + Left Click
Hurt Yourself - CTRL + F3
Hurt Allies - CTRL + F3
CTRL+H - Full Health
CTRL+Shift+H - Full Horse Health
CTRL+F11 - Stop time
CTRL+Space - Fast Forward

Now for the "hard" cheats.

Inside the game press C and go to your character menu. 


Click on the "statistics". From there you click on "export character". That will export your character in a notepad. Just remember. In order for this to work, when you are done tweaking the stats you will have to re-import your character back to the game. (kinda like the Matrix!)


Having that in mind go to:

C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\Characters 

There you will find your character sheet. You might as well back it up before you start.
Then you can change anything you like and as you like in there. I usually go for 10 with the skills (it's the max) and leave the rest, to make it more challenging but you can do whatever you like. 


Hope I helped and that you love Mount and blade Warband as much as I do!
Of course if there is anything I can do to help, just leave a comment and I'll answer!

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