Best SEO tips for blogger (and it's free)

Every ambitious blogger desires one thing. For people to see his articles and perhaps gain some revenue out of it. 

So many people around the world go out and try to find ways to increase their SEO (search engine optimization). So what is SEO to begin with? Basically is how often you will appear on search results on Google and other search engines.

Unfortunately lots of people get scummed and get to pay massive amounts of money to "increase" their search engine visibility. So this article is something I created on my own. It's not something you will find all over the web. 

It's the do's and dont's in SEO for blogger. 


Have in mind you can use all of these tips in anything you want to do online. So should we begin with with the dont's?

1. Metatags and specific keywords in the code do nothing.

You might have heard of the power of metatags. You put some specific words on the backend of your blogger blog and magically you get more pageviews. This is not true. Metatags are more like a "guide" of what the blog might contain, but it will never bring the desired traffic on your blogger blog.

2. SEO Companies.

There are still SEO companies around the world selling you SEO optimized blogs etc. Do not spend a penny on this. It's nothing you cannot personally do, and nothing that will give you any traffic of importance. Google has stopped promoting words for SEO. Google promotes content in the proper context with words as a guide.

3. Backlinks. 

Supposedly backlinks is an effective way to build traffic on your blog. There are two kinds of backlinks. Those you find free and those you have to pay for in order to gain access to them. Do NOT ever use any kind of backlinks for your blog. It will most likely reduce your traffic, than get you any traffic at  all. Google as I said before wants traffic to be fair. Google wants it's users to find what they actually are looking for and not some crap websites. For that reason backlinks will never help you.

Now let's see what you can do to give an increased SEO value on your blog.

First of all. Remember to be patient. Rome was not built in a day. Content/Context SEO takes time to build (mostly because it takes time to index), but after it is built, it's precious and it will not be gone. 

1. Words.

When we are talking about a blog, it's mostly articles right? How will you get Google to show your article on Google? You will need to show you actually try. You don't just blog to make money. You need to show that your content has value. One way to prove that is how many words is an article. Based on my experience, do not go below 500 words. Go for at least 500 to 1000. That will show Google that you mean business. Plus you will get space to increase your density.

2. Words density. 

Now that is important. Google recognizes keywords inside your content. Based ALWAYS on your context, it scans your words density. Meaning how many times a relevant word appears. But be careful. Don't just go around spam one word. This will not help. As I said, context is crucial when it comes to this. 

3. Images.

Images nowadays have an important SEO value. But be careful. As I said before. Do not use random pictures in hope that you will get more traffic. You won't. Do not forget. When you are using an image, Google doesn't know what the image contains. You will have to name it. In blogger you can do it like this. 

Just go on your image while editing and click on properties.

4. Helpful websites where you can spread your content.

Personally I do not use many. I mainly use websites that can give added value to whichever content I am using. For that reason I use Pinterest for the images. You cannot possibly imagine how much traffic my blog gets from Pinterest. Other websites can be Stumbleupon (works amazingly with a bit of luck and GOOD content), Digg,, Tumblr and Delicious. Just by having your articles there can be helpful.

5. Webmaster tools.

There are so many bloggers that do not use the webmaster tools and it's such a shame. It's a free tool provided by Google that actually lets you index your articles much faster and give them value. 

Remember folks, I am here to give you a personal evaluation and help for your blog, if you need any. 

Leave a comment or just use the contact form and I well get to you.

I hope this article helped. I sure hope I could have read something like that when I began blogging.

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