Why I'm going to see 300: Rise of an Empire

First off. Have you seen the actual 300 movie? The one that came out on 2006?




If you haven't do not worry my friend. I truly believe you haven't seen it because the COMIC was better!

You know. The one by Frank Miller.

300 comic

300 comic

OK so if you done any of these, we are cool. 


this is sparta gif

So I trust you all know why most people love the 300. 


That is all ladies and gentlemen! 
Huge abs and tons of killing non stop. Need I say more? Lets wrap it up!

But no seriously. I have a few stuff worth of notice about the first movie. Then we can move to 300: Rise of an Empire.

1. Gerald Butler is the best in that kind of movies.

I mean the guy really sucks as an actor right? But when is he truly good? When he slays anything he sees in front of him, intimidating the fucking Xerxes and of course wearing make-up!

leonidas gay

Lots of it. Wink, wink.

2. Fassbender as Dienekes! 

I know he is called Stelios in the movie but Dienekes is the one responsible for perhaps the most epic burn in history. And he actually did say it! 

"A thousand nations of the Persian empire will descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun!"

we will fight in the shade



2. Cersei Lannister boobs!! 

queen gorgo

Yep. You get to see them. Which would not be as important if she wasn't starring in game of thrones being the only hot female in the series without showing bit of boobie. 

So yeah that's a pretty solid reason.

Anyway that covers most of the 300. 

So why will I see the 300: Rise of an Empire?

First off, historically it will be a mess again. And i truly love Themistocles. This is gonna hurt a lot. 

300 rise of an empire poster
I don't like him

I am aware that I am going to see movie that is going to have a lot of action and massacres. Which if it goes under a nice context I am willing to pay for. We need some badassery every now and then. So why not watch a spin-off  that will definitely wont be as good as the original?  

So I know I will pretty much see the same patterns. Perhaps a bit worse. But those producers know how to approach the massacre seeking dork! They got babes!

300 rise of an empire poster

300 rise of an empire poster

So except Cersei they also have Serafina Pekkala!

Eva Green!
Eva Green

Eva Green

Eva Green

Eva Green

So to wrap this up. Two reasons I'm watching this.

1. I want to spend about two hours in the movie theater, watching pure badass war scenes. 

2. Wait for a brief scene with Eva green every now and then.

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