How do you feel when you get a gift from your favorite brand?

One of my favorite discussions around advertising.

Is it actually doing any good or not?

Well that cannot be proven to be honest and I really am not in the position to talk about it.

My topic today which I really am a fan of, is brand gifts. 

branded playing cards

I believe it’s the best thing for a brand if they want to invest in advertising.

OK. So let’s get some facts straight.

Just because you have a branded gift it doesn't necessarily mean that you will buy the product.

But there is any better awareness creation than that. 

I'll start of with a personal experience. Coffee is expensive for take away. For me at least its 1.30 euro at gregorys

grigoris logo

So I needed a solution that could satisfy my enormous need for coffee.

The solution was found and it was coffee from the super market. Of course instantly there was another need created which was a travel mug to carry my coffee.

It was a miracle. My dear Nescafe volunteered to cover my need for free. 

nescafe travel mug

Which means I get to see Nescafe logo every day as also my colleagues.

So we are talking about an amazing free word of mouth advertising triggered by a mug.

I say it to someone and that guy says it somewhere else. It goes around.

The topic though.

Just because you have, or carry with you a brand gift does it mean you are going to buy the brand?

Not necessarily.

But let’s be honest. You do have a more positive look and feel about the brand.

So when you get to decide between equal brands perhaps that there is something at your house that you acquired for FREE will affect you positively towards the brand.

But mostly you get free advertising through social interaction!

You can’t get that anywhere else.

But again. One issue. My father ever since I remember him owns a wrist watch by Marlboro. 

marlboro logo

Does he smoke Marlboro? Nope. 

He smokes camel (well that's Tom Robbins fault). 

still life with woodpecker tom robbins

But I got to see it from a little boy.

So the first cigarette I got to smoke was Marlboro (I shouldn't have smoked at all I know).

That didn't last long because the brand couldn't manage to keep me. I didn't liked the taste.

But it got me to trial it.

Just by that I consider it a success.

Now I smoke Karelias and trying to quit but I am a brand loyalist! So I believe brand gifts are an extraordinary way to get someone to trial a product. 
Most buy the product because of the useful gift.

And in most cases...

They will trial the product. And if they love it? Jackpot!

You just won the game.

As it is known advertising will lead you inside the store.

The product will convince you to buy. Or the salesman.

Because it’s always the product that will be the last criteria.


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