Facebook dynamic multi-product ads is what eCommerce stores needed

How can Facebook dynamic multi-product ads affect eCommerce?


You might have seen some Facebook multi-product ads yourself as well.



What is the main difference between the standard Facebook ads? Now you have the option to promote a number of unique products and their features in a carousel kind of ad.
Now if you have an e-shop that’s your hard sales breakthrough. You can select some of your finest products, TARGET the specific persons you want and then wait.
You could of course have a post with the product you are promoting and boost it but is that the same thing? The user will see at least 3 multi-product ads as an impression. They might see something they like in it. If the price is right they will click. Simple CPC (cost per click).
That way you can show your product variety, be very specific, extremely cost effective and create an awareness that can be quite product oriented.
That way you grasp the attention of a potential buyer that will view your variety and increase your sales! All that with an average CPC around 0, 05€. You get to show off your catalogue (or a portion of it) with extremely low cost.
Facebook has created a very powerful sales tool that may span across the smallest e-shop up to the biggest eCommerce retailer.
It’s all about relevance and perception if you ask me. Facebook algorithm nowadays is so smart and by giving you the chance to show more than one ads in the same space as one is the smart sales move to do. All because of relevance. When you win the relevance game the next thing to do is become even more effective.
Say you have an e-shop. You could go around with awareness ads promoting your stuff in general or you could go for a very specific ad that actually might not grasp the audience. Now Facebook dynamic multi-product ads change the whole set. They give you options in virtually the same cost or less.

You have a catalogue of products you want to show. Same goes for the user. They want to see the variety some times. But if I see what I want to buy on one specific ad then you have my interest. If the price is right I might even buy on impulse!
Some may say that this is the win move from Facebook on Google. I would say we have to wait. But to be honest, Facebook ads do manage to target way more correctly than a GDN ad. Google search might still be very effective, but the experience is not a much dynamic as a Facebook ad and considering the complexity of ads and the potential cost of specific words, then it’s a no go for a small eCommerce company.
In other words the definitive winner move nowadays for small eCommerce businesses is Facebook. I don’t say that you should not invest in Google. On the contrary. Your mix needs to be wide in order to reach wider in terms of customers. What I am saying however is that you should probably reconsider where to spend your budget in terms of mix.

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