22 Must have geek USB sticks!

1. Back to the future baby!

back to the future usb stick delorean

2. Batman

batman usb stick

3. Battle Spaceship Yamato 

battle spaceship yamato usb stick

4. Photographers friend

canon usb stick

5. Darth Vader (great detail)

Darth vader usb stick

6. E=MC Einstein (love the faces)

Einstein usb stick

7. Goku

goku usb stick

8. Iron man hand

iron man hand usb stick

9. The Joker

joker hand usb stick

10. Kenny (notice that the head comes off)

kenny usb stick

11. Kunai

kunai usb stick

12. Lightsaber

lightsaber usb stick

13. Super Mario

super mario usb stick

14. Zelda master sword

zelda master sword usb stick

15. Poopy Gundam

gundam usb stick

16. Transormers perfection

transformers usb stick

17. Rocky lol

roky usb stick

18. Shuriken

shuriken usb stick

19. Star wars

star wars usb stick

20. Stormtrooper

stormtrooper usb stick

21. Autobots or Decepticons?

autobots decepticons usb stick

22. My personal favorite. Voltron!

voltron usb stick

I've been collecting USB sticks as soon as they came out in the market. 

I can't say I love the ones I have because many are just branded USB sticks. 

That is Why I really want to try out and start getting some of those.

 I really don't care that pretty soon they will be useless because of the cloud. 

I mean you need some material stuff. Even useless. 

Maybe they are not mugs which have a use but they are a piece of art nonetheless. 

Does anything need to have a use? Cant you just love something that is pointless and useless? 

What do you to say about it? 

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