The cloud of happiness. Presenting the Cloud artist!


A word so complicated, yet limitless while hearing it. 

Especially while feeling it.

Let us meet the Cloud artist. A pixel artist.

Cloud artist

I just happened to see one post on facebook. 

Specifically this one.

Cloud artist

Later I realised I've stumbled across his art quite a few times. I also realised that somehow we are connected. 

Yes indeed his art is inspired by something we had in common. 

A childhood in the '90s. Somehow favorite stuff from my childhood found a way to be expressed artistically. The cloud artist did that. 

Some other person expressed MY feelings. 

He gave me feelings I wouldn't be expecting out of pixels. That is the challenge though. To bring nostalgia without making you feel necessarily nostalgia solely. Anyone can bring nostalgia with an image. The point is to create art with it.

So what does the cloud artist want to give to the world? 

Happiness. A word you hardly feel through the day. A feeling you get momentarily sometimes in your life. This guy did it for me. That is why I love his art.

The cloud artist wants to make you feel happy. A tough challenge. 

The main reason I am showing you this, is for you to tell me if you felt it too. That feel. It could be different for each of us, but I am pretty sure you'd feel happy. 

So in order for him to spread happiness, he is not only using digital methods. He prints out beautiful stickers of his art and gives them to people for free. 

What could give you more happiness than an act of selflessness? 

He is not asking for anything. If only perhaps a smile in your face. What he wants is to spread the happy cloud around the world. 

As long as we have people who want to put a smile on your face I am pretty sure we are going to be fine in this world. 

Let me just tell you one more thing. He is not only fun. He is getting a message through. You will have to find it.

Now let us see some of his art. I chose a few favorites. If you want to see even more, you should definitely look at his Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook.

Cloud artist pikachu
Pika Pika!

Cloud artist optimus prime

Cloud artist goomba

Cloud artist bomberman
Classy Bomberman

Cloud artist bomberman
Happy Mario

Cloud artist
No words

Cloud artist kirby

Cloud artist bomberman
Love the beard

Cloud artist

Cloud artist

Cloud artist
Visualised feels

Cloud artist
So cute

Cloud artist iron man

Cloud artist goku

Cloud artist adventure time
What time is it?

Cloud artist bomberman
Such a happy bomberman
Cloud artist

Cloud artist fez

Cloud artist kawaii

Cloud artist boom

Thats is all. Now I have to go feel happy! 

Hope you do that too!

Off to the clouds!

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