There can be only one... Highlander movie

There can be only one.


That is only Connor McLeod

OK perhaps Adrian Paul too as Duncan.

ducnan mcleod

He was actually pretty cool too.

Well... Not all the times, but most of them.

ducnan mcleod
damn it Duncan...

So what is the occasion? I found out they are going to reboot Highlander too from the classic '80s movies. They did started with Robocop. 

I tell you what we are going to do. I will ridicule the reboot of Highlander and then we are going on a nerdgasm journey to the first incredible Highlander movie. 

First off. If you actually want to make a good reboot at least make it with the best possible resources. Instead the actor first casted for the role was Ryan Reynolds...

ryan reynolds

You are welcome ladies.
(that is a technique M the Red used in public speaking in college to grasp the audience attention) 

So I don't have a problem with they guy. He is nice and all but he did actually destroyed every kind of movie that had a tiny bit of fantasy in it. So we don't start so well.


Then they suggested for a director to be Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Know him? Yep. He is actually famous for 28 weeks later. I would go meh on this one. Not complete WTF.

Then Juan Carlos Fresnadillo abandons the directing and also Ryan Reynolds leaves the cast. Which leaves us seeking a new candidate for the main role. But we do have a new director. 

Cedric Nicolas Troyan.

He is famous for visual arts...



So I don't see any possible way this would turn out nice.

But let us leave this dark future. 

Let us focus on a tremendous past. The first Highlander movie. With a song by QUEEN!

queen highlander

Yep. You are going to have to put some music to move along with this article. 

Go ahead. Put it on repeat. 

What is so special about this movie then? 

First off. It's the endless allegory of life and death. Future and the past. The struggle for life and the pointlessness of living. 

Connor McLeod is the objectification of our fears and hopes. He is the messenger of our internal search. 

He seeks answers from the scope of infinite questions. Its the lust of every living person. To live forever. But within our vanity and inferiority we try to mock immortality by providing the excuse of being unbearable. Thus he goes from immortality to mortality as the ultimate truth. 

This way McLeod is fighting death. But also he is fighting life. What this movie is about for me, is the plain cruel reality of understanding your mortality and seeking fulfillment in your life. Seeking symbolism and completion  through a series of events with a similar ending.

Highlander lives in a static reality. After a while nothing is linear. It all comes in to a complete entity with nor beginning or end.

Highlander shows us that perhaps truth can be insignificant. Significance is made through serendipity along with action. After all there can be only one. One path for you to follow.

Now let us go to the geek path. 

Let us number down the reasons why this movie is truly amazing. 

1. Kurgan. 


For me one of the best villains of time. I mean he slays Connor to begin with the first time.



Easily by the way. To be fair though Connor was but a kid back then.


He even destroys Ramirez. 


kurgan ramirez

More like rapes Ramirez, actually. 

A proof that strength>agility.

kurgan gif

The guy is a complete bulk of hatred. He just lives to kill. Forever. How can't this be like the favorite guy ever?

Dat armor...

fuck yeah! MANOWAR!

He tied off his fucking neck with safety pins!

The expression kills me

Crazy as fuck!

Thank you for that role Mr. Clancy Brown!
clancy brown

2. The swords.

highlander swords

highlander swords

highlander swords

highlander swords

Especially the Katana. Said to have been crafted around 593 BC. Which M the Red doesn't like a lot. But only because they wouldn't stand a chance against a long sword. Other than that they were perfect for the usage was intended. 

3. The sword fights. 

highlander sword fights

highlander sword fights

highlander sword fights

highlander sword fights

We should probably admit they were ridiculous, yet pretty lovely!

4. The quickening

highlander quickening

highlander quickening

highlander quickening

Now this is just pure nerdgasm. No apparent reason to use that except from having something cool in the movie. Which worked pretty well!

5. Sean Connery 

ramirez highlander

ramirez highlander

ramirez highlander

ramirez highlander

Oh my god he was so gay and useless in that movie. Not for a second did he manage to be a top class teacher. The only actual useful thing he did was to die so Connor can have his sword.

6. Good chick VS mediocre chick 

That's the first wife

Second wife

Seriously the other chick lived in an age that manure was considered a medicine and she is more beautiful than the current chick? WTF?


Highlander is one of my favorite movies. I don't know why. Perhaps because immortality is charming and you always go around issues of life and death. 

So I guess when it comes to a reboot I won't react nicely.


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