WOW. A screenshot journey.

WOW changed my life. 

I've said to myself I will not play WOW ever again. I say that to every expansion and managed to keep my promise only once. At cataclysm. Well because it sucked really. I mostly stopped because I ended up looking like this. 

But this article is not going to be the article where I'm going to talk to you about my first character until the last 9 I had at Pandaria. Nope. This article will be mostly a slideshow of some pictures I managed to recover from photobucket yesteraday and thought they were gone forever. 

I'd like to thank Panos here for actually giving me the push to search for these screenshots.

Now some words about these screenshots. They are for 2007 up to 2009 and they cover some of characters from that time. If you download them you can see its a WOW screenshot. 
Unfortunately they are not all the characters from that time, but definitely some of my favorites. I couldn't find m other hunter so you will see tazia. And my 2 Emmanouella's. The one as a rogue in TBC and the other one as a priest  and guild master of Relinquished.

So let us start!

1. Emmanouella at retribution. 

Mostly Swedish and British in the guild. I was the only Greek. Average guild but with great people.  I still remember Tiron and Scuddo. Emmanouella was my first ever rogue. And she was top fucking DPS all the time! Even when locks were buffed! I also had the blinkstrike sword!

2. Tazia. 

My cute tiny little hunter. Back then I found out how to make a hunter the top DPS ever. Beast mastery and a macro. Auto Shot>Steady Shot>Sequence kill command. It was crazy as fuck! It's the pew button at the last screen.

3. Now my other Emmanouella. 

Priest, top healer and a guild master with my loyal Grodhoof as my tank and sidekick. Also my arena buddy (DISCIPLINE MOTHERFUCKER!) We were pretty good. Untill I decided to stop WOW at the time.

Panos If you need tips here is the place to comment!

Btw. this was my forum sign.

And here is some old DPS

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