My top web comic list

So I love web comics.

Honestly I've seen some stuff online. 

So I would like to share my top 5 favorite web comics artists.

cyanide and happiness

Yes they are great. But they are also super famous so everyone knows them. No need to talk about them. You know them already. 

So its a top five. But the first place is actually between two amazing web comics artists.

No. 5: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.


I am pretty sure you know SMBC.

Some amazing dark situation humor. 

Not conventional at all.


Sarcastic as hell.

When you first get to read these comics you might not get the humor. It's big and needs a lot of engagement. Which is why SMBC is so amazingly unique. Thank you SMBC for the amazing laughs.

No. 4: Loading artist.

A young talented guy trying really hard. Nice design and some great ideas. 

loading artist

loading artist

He almost makes me laugh every time. Which is hard.

loading artist

 Not a huge amount of comics to be honest. But most of the comics are incredibly good.

OK what can someone say about Jesse? 

Some of the most funny comics I ever read!

Just check it out!

completely serious comics

completely serious comics
fart shirt!

completely serious comics

completely serious comics

completely serious comics

So first off! I NEED the Fart shirt!

Secondly it's the most mature immature humor.

Which brings me to:

No. 2 & 1: Lunarbaboon and Electric bunny!

Or Electric bunny and Lunarbaboon!

OK I'm gonna go around some of their amazing comics!

First Electric Bunny. Or Dingo as it's her name.

Show me dem titties guuuurrrrll!

 It almost killed me! And the horse!  I mean look at it!
electric bunny

Claudia and Alberto. I mean the look on the kids face is Ridiculous! 

electric bunny

Dingo. That is all I am going to say.

electric bunny

OK. Star Wars and mom jokes. Need any more?

electric bunny

And Assassins creed combo!

electric bunny

Now lets move to Lunarbaboon. 

I believe I love him that much because this is probably how I see myself as a geek father. I mean it's not only fun. The emotion he gives me every time is simply wonderful. You can support him here by the way.

OK he pierced the condom with a Gamorrean figure. I laughed so hard. 

Dem feels.


Ridiculously funny sacrifice! 


So I would like to say at this point. Every web comic artist that struggles to give us quality comics needs our respect. It's hard to survive as an artist. 

We need to support the people who make us feel nice. Laugh and smile. Cry and feel free. So don't forget the real heroes. 

The web comic artists! 

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