Penny Dreadful. A first look

Penny Dreadful is a brand new series by showtime. Will it manage to climb to the top as other TV shows?


I guess that's what we are here for. I found out about Penny Dreadful completely out of a random event. It popped out on my Facebook feed from a friend.

Why did I bother watching it? I mean I am currently watching so many series. Could I possibly see one more?

Well yes. I can never stop exploring new things. So Penny Dreadful could be the one. Why Penny Dreadful? 

I am a simple man. Truth is that the only reason I even considered watching it is Eva Green. The one and Only Eva Green ladies and gentlemen. 





If you are a frequent reader of this blog then you may know how many movies Eva Green made me watch. Such as the latest 300


What's the case though. The entry point was in fact Eva Green. Thing is. Will it manage to hold me as a viewer? 

I began searching what Penny Dreadful is about and the rest of the cast.

Let us start from the main story. In case you are worried about any kind of spoilers, this is where you should probably stop reading, go watch the Penny Dreadful pilot and then come back.

What is Penny Dreadfull to begin with. It's a pulp fiction. A very cheap kind of reading that flourisher in the 19th century. It's name comes from the cost (Penny) and the topic (Dreadful). 


Whatever someone was writing it was published and sold for a penny. As you may realize it wasn't considered an art back then, but rarely pop culture gets a huge credit in it's creation time. 


The show itself then is placed on a Victorian London setting with a supernatural world behind it. 

What makes the show different (hardly) is the fact than any famous character from famous horror books is present in the series. There is Frankenstein, Mina from Dracula and as I saw even Dorian Gray. 

So yeah... It might not get an originality award.


Still. At least the very first episode of the series doesn't seem like complete shit. I mean the production is amazing. John Logan writes the series (Aviator, Skyfall, Gladiator and many more). This show production wise is excellent. 

Which is why it gets an 8,8 on IMDB i suppose. 

Now to be completely honest since I've only seen the first episode I guess we could give it a shot. It may have a chance to succeed. Not only because of a great production and a rather good script. Mainly because of Eva Green and the rest two main actors. 

Timothy Dalton. Sir Malcolm.


He is good. At least at this show he is. I mean he got old. He got better by the time. 


Josh Hartnett. Ethan Chandler. 


Now that is a great surprise for me. I really like Josh Hartnett. Ever since Black Hack down. He trully also is really good in this one too.


Along with Eva Green these are three "top actors" playing in a series. Even if it's bad they can make it better. 

So. Should you watch it? Should you give it a chance? I need to be honest with you. If it wasn't for Eva Green I would not watch a single second. Now that she is on the show I'll go for five episodes. If it's good then I'll stay. It's only normal to wait for at least five episodes before you quit watching a show. 

I believe it can surprise me. And I will give it some time. I hope it's worth it. I guess we are going to find out. 

Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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  1. Content Plus Connections ;) Now we're talking. Genuine, heart-felt, entertaining content, mixed with connections, meaning developing bonds with your audience, puts the goodness in motion. Neat share ;)

  2. You forget Gerold Dayne, the most dangerous man in Westeros. Why so dangerous? because he is imprevisible and violent? I don't think, because prince Doran is a clever man, and he easily manipulate violente man. But he can be dangerous by his ascendance: Lyanna died when she birth two twins: Jon and gerold. But Gerold had gold and silver hairs from the Targaryen, and not Jon. So, Ned take Jon with him, but let Gerold in Starfall, where Targaryen's silver hair are more discrete because Dayne have silver hair.

  3. First of all thanks a lot for the feedback! :)
    It is not that I forget Gerold Dayne, neither the fact that he has purple eyes. There are plenty of theories around. Even the one you say that Gerold was in fact Jon's twin. That is highly unlikely though due to the fact that their age is different. There Are theories saying that Gerold may even be Rhaegar. Which is crazy if you ask me. I believe that Gerold will most likely remain a mystery to find out.

  4. I really like this theory, I hope Melisandre brings Jon to life and maybe he makes an alliance with the wildlings to destroy the Night's Watch (He died so he did fulfil his oath and he no longer is part of the Watch) so he can prepare the defense against the white walkers.

  5. That seems probable and nice too. But how about the Targ theory? I mean both Melisandre and Targ? Somethings got to be wrong right?

  6. I think if he's a Targ, he still can be killed, they are not immortal. Apparently they cannot be burn but what about being stabbed?. so both theories are not mutually exclusive I believe.

  7. Well I guess all we can do is let our imagination drive us until we find out. I mean that's doesn't seem so bad right? :)

  8. It's everything we have until GRMM finally show us the path of truth. :P

  9. Are you sure we are going to like that? :P


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