Love 90s. Love 8-bit

8-bit graphics. 

Geeks, nerds and dorks unite!

OK so the '90s kids, as I am, LOVE everything about the 90s. 

Why? Well we are being nostalgic. And Why shouldn't we be? 

We lived in the 90s! The most awesome childhood time to be!

So how about you get ready for some feelings?

Ready for some feels? 


My personal favorite

I know. I know.

It's  completely natural. Truth is it wasn't the most tremendous era of all time. 

But it sure was our childhood. For that we love it. Anything that was on at the time was magical for us.

 So what is the reason for this article?

I remember one thing from our "time" that is becoming a merchandise for today. That is the 8-bit nostalgia.

You see those images and you want to put them on a t-shirt instantly. So it is rather normal for gaming developers to hit in that gold fountain called nostalgia. 

Almost all indie games use a quite minimalist expression of gameplay. No actual structure, rather than calmness. 

And the addition now is the 8-bit graphics.

We can just see what is going on with Flappy bird and twitch plays pokemon.

Is it bad to monetize from nostalgia? Well as long as the game is good I really don't care! 

I want to play it! So keep producing! Just don't produce something that only has a nostalgic vibe in order to sell. 

I mean it really isn't nice. People will hate you.  Let us not forget we live in the bottom up era. Where ideas go to kickstarter to win or flop forever. 

Yes people might fall for marketing tricks. But not for long. So if was in a gaming company (I wish) I really would be taking care of my fans twice as more as the old times.  

Let us not forget that with social media nowadays if you want to harm a brand's image its much easier.

So since I appreciate the bottom up era, my friend Spyros suggested me to play a game called Evoland 

evoland logo

You can find it and buy it here. It's about 10$. It's worth it.

You want to play some retro 8-bit games? Try this one!

evoland logo

So I am going to explain the story here. It's not a really big game. 

What it does is following the evolution of video games. From the really basic up to the 3D graphics. 

It's a really smart way to go through a fast history of gaming lesson. 

You can actually even appreciate what you have right now and not just whine about how lame BF4 graphics are!

The concept is simple. 

Are you a 90s kid? Feeling nostalgic? Want to play something fresh? Then play Evoland.

I've been looking for an original game to play a long time. It's getting hard to find an interesting video game nowadays.

I'll skip the words and give some images of the game. 

So let us take pride in being 90s kids. 

We are a community able to administer and support each other's entrepreneurship. Bottom up style. Which is good. 

Because true ideas come to life.

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