In the flesh. An unexpected masterpiece

You probably haven't heard about "in the flesh". 


But to be honest it really is hard to get to know it. Why is that? First of all, its a British show. Created by BBC. 

That makes it really hard to travel on the other side of the Atlantic. Let's face it. Quite rarely you get to see a show that is not created in the United States. 

Which is quite fair really. If you consider the production costs the American shows have but also the audience it's very easy to achieve it's goals.

But how about when its British? And it talks about zombies? With Walking Dead just around the corner? 

What are the odds of hearing about it? Small.

So Why am I here? Because you need to hear about it. This show is one of the best mini series I have ever seen in my life. It's only 3 episodes long. Well to be honest, now there is a second season, but season one provides closure. 

Season one is actually the one I am going to talk about.

What makes in the flesh so special then? Another zombie themed show. Who cares? 

Well thing is that this show takes the zombie issue out of a very different scope. It starts after the zombie apocalypse and it takes us to a rehabilitation centre for Zombies! They actually got the cure now!

Zombies are healed, yet forced to remain undead with those weird looks. That is all that has to do with zombies. 

Other than that the series is a continuous struggle to survive in today's society. The whole show is a huge allegory about racism, discrimination and ignorance in general. We see the "former now" zombies try to get their old lives back.

through that we see the human survivors really making it hard on them to get back to society. Let's face it. Those zombies once killed people. They are not sure what they are. What they want. Or if they are really good or bad.

So I believe we should get to meet the three main characters of the show. For the first season at least. Let me point out that this article is for the first season only. You will also find out that none actor is so widely known.

1. Kieren Walker/Luke Newberry

Kieren is the main character of the show. Only 19 years old when he decided to take his own life due to the fact that he was gay in a small village in the country in love with a neighbor that was forced to join the army and go to Afghanistan in order to stop seeing Kieren and be a man. 



Through his eyes we get to see the discrimination he is facing on both levels. Both of course serve the allegory. Being gay and an undead. Which is why he tries to always hide his true nature. 

2. Amy Dyer/Emily Bevan 

Amy is another undead that after she rise from her grave and cured was actually taking in pride of what she was. Just for being proud of what she was then she was but a pariah in the small village she came from. She wanted to walk around without make-up that was covering up her true existence. Which of course provoked the people of her town. Again. It's the allegory.



3. Rick Macy/David Walmsley

Rick was coming from a conservative family. Unlike Kieren he was trying not to face his true identity. 



Whether than being gay or a zombie. Which is why when in doubt he joined the army, denying his love. Which is why when he came back as an undead he, again would not face his true nature. He would wear make-up trying to disguise himself from others but also and mostly from his own self. 

You see the 3 categories of people here. 

The one that is hiding, the one that is proud and the one who is not facing reality. A constant allegory of what is happening in our society every day that goes by. 

This is why you need to see "In the flesh". 

You will see a very deep social drama. It will talk to you. Zombies are only the setting. 

The deep meaning behind it is for you to find out.

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