My best WoW video collection

I rarely get to talk about World of Warcraft (WoW). 

That is because I vowed not to ever play World of Warcraft ever again in my life. It so happens though, that I talked with someone that hasn't seen the very best classics of wow videos on YouTube.

That is a shame. That is the reason I will be sharing these videos here. Time may pass but the impressive times were back then. 

Back then, if you wanted to be a pro in World of Warcraft you had no life whatsoever. I've been through that, which is why I no longer want to be doing this. 

Nonetheless those videos show impressive skills. Even though the players were technically undead.

The first two videos are about two PVP legends back in the Vanilla days. When being a Grand Marshall and a High Warlord was harder than becoming a U.S. president (minor exaggeration). 

 Let’s see them then?


Maydie is probably the best WoW video I’ve seen in my life. Amazing music and montage combining a great player with awesome skill. 

Even though I was always Horde I have to admit that Maydie was perhaps the best Vanilla PVPer ever. Only one could match Maydie in PVP skills and that’s video number two. It’s number two because Maydie also produced a kind of art. Watch it and you will understand.


What can someone say about pat? The ultimate Tauren Beef slaying everyone around the Alliance. 

Perhaps the most impressive character in terms of looks. High Warlord armor combined with Tauren is rather impressive.


Nothing special about Nyhm as a player. He did make a lot of funny machinima videos though filled with satire about what was wrong back then in World of Warcraft.

I’ll put two of his videos here, but feel free to explore a bit more!

The internet is for porn

Do I really need to explain?

That is all! Enjoy!

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