Books I want to read till the end of the year

This is maybe a suggestion but it's more like a mere reminder to myself that I should probably read more. 


Even though with work and all it can be rather hard to find the time to read I am trying day by day to limit my time of doing any other thing than reading.

So there are not really quite so many books you can read within a year. Let me set up a list here and I promise I will be stating which I've read by the new year.

Game of thrones, A song of Ice and fire. 

I've read quite a few years ago the Game of thrones books in English. Now,  after so long and while Game of Thrones is tremendously mainstream around the globe I started reading them in Greek to. 

To catch up a bit and enhance my story while I am waiting for the winds of winter. So far I've read the Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings. 

Hopefully I will be done with a Storm of Swords by the end of August leaving me until October to be done with the rest of the books. I would like to believe that until then we will be have a release date for the winds of winter. 


Think and grow rich. Napoleon Hill.

Now this book is (at least that's what I've heard) a must for the business world and for entrepreneurs around the world. It's supposed to be a secret for success. I will give it a shot. It's a rather small book and and it's very old. So I'm sure it will be worth it. 

Now if I am lucky enough I have two more books I'd like to read. There are actually in my library but I haven't read them yet. 


Catcher in the rye. J. D. Salinger. 

Two reasons for reading this book. 

One it's the book Mark David Chapman said made him kill John Lennon. 

Two. It's mentioned in South park in one of my favorite episodes. 

Seriously I think it's a nice reading about alienation and it's a classic. So, might as well read it.

The social Contract. Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Back in my first year and for two more years after that, I had decided to study sociology. Later I realized there was no way I could possibly find a job as a sociologist, so I decided to find something I am good at, but can also earn me money. 

That's why I studied advertising. Smart choice? I guess we shall see. So far it's good. 

So, about the book. I've read all sort of notes out of it but never read it all. So I guess, since it's a really small book I could read it in about Christmas time!


That's about it! I'm open for suggestions! 

Feel free to share books you would like to read. 

You might give me ideas on what to read after I finish with those! 

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