Lion King came out 20 years ago. Best movie ever? [PART 2]

Now on the first part we were talking about why the Lion King is more than a movie. 


How and why the Lion king managed to make us feel way more than we should have felt at a young age. At least whoever has seen it, cause I recently found out that a friend hasn't. 

anchorman gif

I am talking to you Spyros! You better go and watch it right now by the way because who knows what might happen to you. 

After all...

I am the danger

Seriously though! How could you not have seen the Lion king?



But I am not going to go any further in to this. The non Lion King viewers are worthless anyway!

Shall we move on with the list then?

6. The opening.

put it on

Honestly have you seen anything MORE EPIC than that? There isn't even a minor pixel going wrong on this whole scene. That is probably because the whole movie is not computer generated but hand designed but you do get the point right?

Who hasn't imitated the scene where Rafiki grabs Simba and  lifts him in the sky?

I have done it. With mah dawg. It's an actual dog. A maltese. I actually partially am his owner but still. You know what? I am his Rafiki! I am crazy enough to be Rafiki! So we done with this. Which brings me to the next number on the list.

7. Rafiki

That crazy old geezer is one of the most wise, yet crazy characters Disney has created. You know what kind of primate he actually is by the way?

A mandrill!


Scary monkey.

Rafiki is responsible for some of the greatest scenes and quotes in the movie. His wisdom surprises you.

rafiki wisdom gif
rafiki gif
rafiki gif

Let's be honest though. We all love Rafiki because he is insane!

rafiki gif

rafiki gif

rafiki gif

8. The Hyaenas 

First off we need to recognize to Scar that he managed to create a hyena Nazi army. It really takes effort to make crazy animals like they hyaenas to look so tough. 

nazi lion king

There are three memorable Hyaenas. 

Shenzi played by the amazing Whoopi Goldberg!

shenzi lion king


banzai lion king

And the spectacular Ed!

ed lion king gif

Together they are the insane trio.

lion king gif

Those Hyaenas managed to be both scary and stupid at the same time. There were moments that Shenzi was  actually pretty scary as fuck when I was a kid. But I will never get over of Ed. He was teh shit. 

That concludes the second part for one reason mainly. The next part will be exclusively on Timon and Pumba. 

Until then,

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