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1st RULE: You do not talk about REAL TIME MARKETING.


3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" # anything you can possibly imagine, you should probably stop.


So apparently it really is hard for people to understand that pushing something too hard will not make it work. I am talking about real time marketing.

What is that? It's the way to communicate under a big umbrella which usually is a big event (the super bowl for instance)

It really works great with Twitter by the way.

There have been many attempts to do that. Well it can work. 

Like the Oreo. 

oreo super bowl tweet twitter

Power out? No problem.

So let us first agree that this tweet truly is amazing. I mean the creativity behind this really is the most amazing thing I've seen in viral marketing.

During the super bowl blackout in 2013 Oreo came up with this idea. And it really is a piece of art.

Does that mean you can repeat that one time opportunity?

Judging from JC Penney's tweet I'd say, you can make it viral. But it's crappy. 

jcpenney superbowl tweet

Nope. Not as good. Why? You tried way too hard.

I believe that in order to achieve in real time you need to be really really fast, simplistic and you actually need something big to happen.

Something that people will actually find funny. 

marketoonist real time marketing

But don't go over the top of simplicity. Don't just comment something that you mechanically consider funny.

You know what I believe is a magnificent way to make it work?

Forget marketing for a second. Think what you would say.

Embrace the feeling of the event you are covering.

For god's sake don't make it look like it's fake.

You know how I would do it for the super bowl?

Hang out with the pals. Even with the pals from the office.

First off. Do you like what you are about to see? Even in an ironic way?

Stay. You don't? Leave. You are no help.

Get a TV set chill out, order some pizza or make a themed buffet and try to have fun.

Observe the game and the reactions. Express yourself and talk to the others.

Have some ready made pictures of your product, logs and Typeface ready in Photoshop and a twitter account ready.

Now stop trying and enjoy. Feel free to express your feelings.

There you have it. You work in advertising. You know what to do. You were born for this. Just relax and make it happen. Don't try. 

its not going to happen meme

Real time marketing will only come in real time. The time you feel free. So feel free and create useful, meaningful and really creative content by being yourself.

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