Should you play Devil May Cry (DMC)?

Let us review Devil may cry

Have a look at the video. It's the first  part with the opening and some fighting.

It's the first  part with the opening and some fighting.

You may have noticed that it says Pink Terror Bunnies. That is because I joined forces with two more guys on a gaming blog. So feel free to check it out too. 

So what was I expecting from Devil may cry?

So I've played the devil may cry franchise from the beginning. The first devil may cry was unbelievably good. Right to the point and so much COOL demon killing. 

So I suppose that what you should at least expect for the Devil may cry reboot to be purely amazing.

I mean look at the first Dante.

The guy was teh shit! And they decided to replace Dante. With the guy that looks 18 and noob... He is also trying to look cool. You can't try to look cool. You either are or you aren't

OK there may be some prejudice on this review. But trust me. It's for your own good. I'm trying to help you here. 

1. Graphics

Really really bad. I know Devil may cry was published for PS3 but there is no excuse for these shit graphics. I mean the texture is so bad. And I played the game on Ultra. There is no excuse for that Capcom. I know you probably wanted some easy money, but this is not fair. Not fair at all. So in overall? 

Verdict: BAD

2. Scenario

There is no script in the Devil may cry franchise. It's just vague demon stuff. And you know what? I liked it like that. Lots of kill, some but yet really cool cut-scenes and that's it! You have an amazing game. But this Devil may cry is actually attempting to have a script. And fails badly.

Verdict: MEH

3. Gameplay

That's a big thing. You expect that after so many years they would have optimized the game in order to make it better. Guess what. They didn't even try to give some new features to the game. 

Instead they even made it a bit worst in my opinion. Instead of being a poser demon slayer you are just a kind of a slayer. Other than that you just go around killing stuff.

Verdict: MEH


So what's the catch? Is it worth it? Let me  tell you that. It's an action hack and slash game. So you can't possibly expect much. Will it be fun for a few hours? Perhaps 10 years ago. 

Right now what Capcom needs to do is get it together. Try to create a something good. And since Bandai made it with dark souls I won't give any excuses. We need some quality games around. 

We are not just wallets. 

That goes to any game developer not just Capcom.

Verdict: Play it for 5 minutes. If you got nothing else to do play for 10.

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