Breaking Bad was...Bad!

OK. Before you go on ahead and judge really fast I am not even a hater or anything. 

I loved Breaking Bad. A lot. 

heisenberg sketch breaking bad

Which is why I came to a conclusion more than a year after the finale. Is the title too much? 

I really don't know. You will be the judge of it. But let that be when you are done reading.

So why do I think that? There is quite a variety of reasons. Perhaps there are even more I haven't thought about. But so far these are the ones I claim to have. 

1. The series should have ended in 4 seasons.

Gustavo Fring was one of the best villains that ever came out on Television.

gustavo "gus" fring breaking bad

A total genius. He thought about everything. He was ethical (sort off) and he wiped out the WHOLE CARTEL! Right in front of their eyes and he survived! 

gustavo "gus" fring breaking bad cartel salud

The guy was a goddamn legend and possibly the best meth professional in the whole god damn world.

One more thing. He had a pretty good reason to do that! The character was deep enough. Perhaps one of the most thoroughly explained characters in the show.  

So what if he killed like, a guy? That is what is pissing me off so much when talking about that scene.

gustavo from breaking bad has temper

What were you expecting? The guy was a god damn drug dealer. What could he possibly do? Spank him?

He wanted to become overdramatic in order to stress out to a very important opponent that he was really serious about what he was doing.  

Even when he died he died with so much style. 

gustavo "gus" fring breaking bad death

Of course there could be a pretty good reason why the Breaking Bad season 5 didn't had an important bad guy. Because the bad guy was Walter. Fighting himself and cancer.

So if we consider that point of view then perhaps it has a point. Nonetheless in my opinion this epic series would have a great finale in season 4. Because Gustavo was as good as Walter and perhaps even better.

2. The whole cable nudity/cursing issue.

OK nudity and sex and cursing is probably implied. But it's not shown. There are two main reasons that thing made the series look unrealistic.

First off its a show about drugs. Death and despair and abuse is cool to be shown but say a bad word or show a titty and it's not cool? 


SECONDLY and pretty much the highest of importance is that I really would have liked to see Jane naked. 

jane breaking bad

jane breaking bad

But lets move on.

3. The realism effect.

I get it. It's a show. You can't be 100% realistic. But let's be honest. It's the U.S. of A. here. None could act as such and not being caught. 

I mean if you were even considering a fraction of what Walter did you would have been arrested. But I get it. It's fiction. An elaborate scheme could let you out of the cops eyes.

But if you wanted to give a realism effect you shouldn't have made your meth blue. 

walter white breaking bad

Pure meth isn't blue in any possible case. 

4. The deepness issue.

Let's be honest. That is one of my huge problems. Characters do not develop as much as they should or they at least should have. It is very unfortunate. 

Let me give you one small example. So few are being told about Grey matter. The whole Walter White background is so small. How he met Skyler.
Anything for that matter or for any character. This is sad. More sad that the amount of bitch Skyler is. 

skyler breaking bad bitch meme

Perhaps on that issue I am being cruel. But it's not really my fault. It's George R R martin's fault. 

5. The fame after. 

Not many remember the show. There are a few memes around and people have stopped discussing about Walter. They even talk about the Walking Dead more! 

Which makes me sad. One of the best shows ever is slowly dying out of fame. What's wrong? Could someone tell me? 

Until you can find out what has happened here is Walter's ass. You are welcome.

walter white ass

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  1. Sorry but remember when Jon DID GET BURNED when he killed that whight that tried to kill the then Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. Remember ? :D

  2. Not to mention that Rhaegar Targaryen was cremated, as is custom for the Targaryen dynasty. So if Jon was to be cremated it wouldn't matter if he had or not Targ blood.

    Also Dany didn't get burned by the hot eggs nor the pyre in which Drogo was cremated or in aDwD when her hair got burned off by the dragon while not suffering any burns anywhere on her skin whereas Jon did suffer a burn, there's also that. :)))

  3. Hello mate! First of all thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and facts here! As I did said in the article it's but a theory. So even though Jon may not be a Targaryen it surely may seem like it. Other than that only Howland Reed may actually know whether Jon is son of Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark. But my main point and argument will be George RR Martin himself. There are many times that he may even him not know what is really up since he, as he said has a main concept in his mind but not entirely complete. So I guess we should wait for it. Plus I don't think Jon will die so fast. Then again it is George RR Martin so you never know :P . Again thank you very much for your feedback! It's the first ever comment on this blog and I am really happy about it! :)


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