Game of thrones. Books vs TV

It keeps getting there all the time.

It hadn't annoyed me for a long time. But maybe, and I only say maybe this shit rivalry about who is superior should stop. 

I wrote about the original fan club George RR Martin had before the series here

My suggestion to all the book purists who hate the producers of Game of Thrones is one. 

George RR martin deal with it

I mean what the fuck man? You realize you are turning yourself into a poser or not? You are becoming a Hipster!

tolkien hipster fan

Just because something becomes mainstream doesn't NECESSARILY mean it's not good!

You keep complaining like a little bitch that it is not as intended in the books and shit. 

GUESS WHAT! It's not the books! It's an adaption. There is a screenwriter. Guess what else. George RR FUCKING MARTIN is actually attending it and knows EVERYTHING about the show. SO HE APPROVES IT!

What the fuck is the problem with you? I know what's your problem. You are a religious fanatic. A song of ice and fire fanatic. 

You do not like the fact that there are worshipers out there who do not understand or realise the divine plan George RR Martin has for the world we live in. 

Just because muggles are watching it makes it a cheap show. Plus the muggles don't even know what they seeing. I get it. 

You know what? I don't like changes either. Man in general does not like change. But at least I am an adult. I don't squeak like a little bitch everytime something happens. Don't like the show? Read the books. Don't just go on ahead and spoil the Show to the others feeling like you are a god. You are just shit.

Stop doing it and go get a girlfriend. The script is a live thing. George RR Martin claims it even. So you know what?

So now that I'm done with that. I'd like to go with my personal opinion on the books vs TV show differences. I don't mind at all. But just to be honest. I mind two things. 

1. Cutting of Strong Belwas from the show

strong belwas

In case you haven't read the books he is the guy who kills the Champion on Meereen and not Daario Naharis.

strong belwas meereen

The guy is filled with pure awesomeness. He  allows his enemies to cut him once before he kill them. And then he takes a shit on their carcass.

For that character being cut off I am angry.

2. Hurting Hodor 

hodor hurt craster

hodor hurt craster

hodor hurt craster injury injured


Please stop hurting my beautiful helpless puppy. Leave him alone. 

leave hodor alone

These are two of the changes that made me feel bad.

But let's please be honest. We are living in great times. Finally what a few loved is being loved by many. Lets Cherish the moment. 

Lets please stop being dicks!

Let's just relax ok?

daario naharis gif

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