Are you a movie or a series guy?

We all go through a phase.

We have become so much digital that, while we are viewing a series we view Facebook or browse in general too, on a second screen or in our smartphone.


I noticed that during my second year in college.

It was hard for me to watch a whole movie.

I was always getting distracted.

There was no possible way I would watch all of it. That makes me feel sad though because I love movies.

I've really seen a lot of movies. There were days from when I was 15 until at least I got 21 that I was probably watching  3 movies a day.


The only thing I knew about series was Friends.

A sitcom.

And full metal alchemist at my PC by torrent


I wasn't watching so many series.

But I was observing my self during a movie going in to Facebook or checking out my torrents.

So one day in college I was discussing publicly about my favorite subject (by destroying my social image) with my beloved nerd friends and John the truth.

My favorite subject? Star Wars! 

So I was saying I was looking for a show or whatever with Star wars references.

How i met your mother star wars

How i met your mother star wars

A minor intermission here.

I am not talking about:

south parkfamily guyAmerican dadSimpsons and all the rest animated shows which I watch like a maniac except Family guy nowadays which is shit.

randy south park

I am talking about a series with real people!

So John the truth said I should totally check out How I met your mother and the Big bang theory.

He said it had crazy Star Wars references.

So it started.

I saw the first 5 season of HIMYM within a few days.

I really bonded with the show. So what made me bond?

highest of fives

Building a relationship on a weekly basis for years?

I don't that's only it.

I haven't seen Darth Vader for years but I love him ever since the day I first listened to his breathing.

darth vader breath

Obi-wan if you did that to your best friend what would you do to an enemy? Damn you Obi-wan!

obi wan meme

 Unfortunately a huge factor that kept me was the fact that each episode was 20 minutes.

And I lasted with it because it wasn't lasting long.

We are in a bad turning point in history.

We can't focus on anything for more than 1-2 seconds.

We are multitasking all the time and we miss the essence.

How are you going to read a book when you can't focus?

I only read Harry Potter page by page without even breaks.

Not even Tolkien, not even George R R martin managed to do that for me.

I was taking breaks. 

So why am I writing all these down? Having seen any 20 minute show, at a point 45 minute ones became trendier. Which was hard for me to focus. 

For that I thank Fringe.

fringe wallpaper


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