South Park: Stick of Truth. A review.

So here is the video of the first part by me. 

You may have noticed that it says Pink Terror Bunnies. That is because I joined forces with two more guys on a gaming blog. So feel free to check it out too. 

So what was I expecting from the stick of truth?

To be honest I was expecting something way worse than the one I played. 

But let me clarify one thing. If you are not a fan its highly unlikely you are going to like the stick of truth.

Why is that? Well because the game is full of references. That is what actually makes the game great to be honest. 

If you have seen 2-10 episodes of South Park you will not get crazy about it. Because you wont be able to understand the references. 

So there is that thing. If you don't like South Park or haven't seen South park you will probably need to move along sir. 

For the fans now. Let me go on ahead and analyze it parts.

1. Graphics

So the graphics are what you expect. HD graphics and very beautiful. It's actually like you are in the show. Which is what you really wanted. Nothing more is needed for South park graphics really. 

One thing I found out (but its the first edition I played) is that it's really glitchy in many ways. You will be able to see that on the video by the way. 

2. Scenario

Well you don't really get options. You stick to the game script. Which is like the continuation of the "Black Friday" episode. You are a kid that for a very mysterious way moved to South Park. Apparently you are the reason for leaving the town you were. But there is a mystery on it. 

Other than that you get inside a South Park special episode about Fantasy and RPG's. You get to become a hero! You class choices by the way are between Fighter, Mage, Thief and Jew! Yes a Jew! That's the amazing South Park humor! 

So except from the original story you get to relive a lot of reference humor from all of the episodes. You also get tones of collectibles too. 

3. Gameplay

Well I'm not completely excited about the gameplay but I'm fine with it. Fight style is turn based but it's rich so it's not as bad as you'd probably think. 
It's based on many combo's which can be annoying but other than that fights are fine. 

Quests are some times bit hard to understand where you need to go but I can live with that. 
Other than than that its technically free roaming but way too scripted. Many stupid obstacles that won't let you move to your way-point.
One other thing I noticed during playing is that the game is seriously scripted. There is nothing "random". It goes completely linear and relies on you moving and nothing else. 


So did I liked it? Yes! A lot! But, is it a game for all? Not necessarily. I believe that for the fans of the show is really tremendous. Because Matt Stone and Trey Parker gave us exactly what we were looking for. 
A chance to participate in an episode and build our characters in the show. So I say play it, to the fans and meh on those who haven't seen the show. Because let us be honest. 
There is nothing special in the game except from the amazing fan you are having. Nonetheless. Have a look at the video and judge for yourselves. I wouldn't let it go by!

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